Frequently asked questions.


Q : I found one of your designs online - no changes needed. Can I purchase that design?

A : Out of respect for my paying clients who order custom one-of-a-kind designs, I cannot give (or sell) files for a previously created design. But I would be thrilled to create your own unique custom design!

Q : Can you draw my initials first so I can see what they'll look like before I buy?

A : Payment not only accounts for my talent but also my time. I keep a strict schedule for those who are serious about getting a design with me and customers are placed on my schedule in the order they provide payment. Also, once I draw proofs and show them to you via email, you could take that to your tattoo shop and get it inked very easily. Because of the nature in which I'm designing & showing proofs online, it's necessary for me to collect payment before showing proofs.

Q : I live across the ocean from you there in the United States. How can you design for me if we're so far apart?

A : I'm lucky to be able to work with whomever, wherever, due to proofs & files being delivered via email! As easy as it is for you to email me, that's how easy it is for me to send you your proofs and files. Time zones may play a minor role in our correspondence - but it's never been an obstacle to my working with anyone.

Is there a question that is important to you that I missed? Please let me know!