Meet the gal behind the shop.


So, hi! You might see that a lot of my designs have ‘love hearts’. Someone coined that phrase for the hearts I often include. Hearts are my jam. My favorite thing to draw, besides letters. But not everyone wants a heart and that is ok! They aren’t required and I don’t include them unless asked to.

I’m Rachael. I get called Sally a lot in my inquiries and that is A-okay. I get it. What kind of person names their shop Sally if their name isn’t Sally? When I was coming up with a shop name, it just kind of made sense in that I like the name Sally and I’m a pretty simple gal. It’s maybe the one thing in life I didn’t overthink! Also - it kinda rolls off the tongue!

My designs are simple. Classic. Modern. Some are short and sweet. Some are long and flowy. But they aren’t fussy. The people who hire me are mostly moms, people in love, small business owners and sometimes - men! I don’t mean to appeal to only women. But my writing is more effeminate, I get it. Of the men who have hired me, they’ve offered such a different experience. We women get into the details. The nitty gritty. Men don’t mess around. Their instructions are short & sweet it all wraps up pretty quickly. I’m happy to try my hand at more masculine designs - just ask!

If you’re still reading - bless you. These “about me” pages make me shudder. Just know that I love this job. It doesn’t make me rich or famous. It lets me stay home with my daughter and be there when she needs me. It lets me do something I love doing. It lets me meet people I’d have never otherwise met. I care about your journey, your needs and your thoughts on the designs we create together. Thanks for checking out my work - I truly hope we can make something special together!

rachael and zach.jpg

So this is me!

And this is Mr. Simple Sally - Zach. Avid supporter of his wife. The easy parent. My bestie. For the most part, I keep the kiddo off of the interwebs. But she’s wicked cute. She’s 9 going on 16. Pushing buttons like it’s her job. We’ve got a Corgi pup named Walter. He’s a maniac or he’s sleeping. Not much in-between. We have 3 cats that Walter chases with passion. We’re small-towners. We’re family-firsters. I hope to get to ‘meet’ you!